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6 Tips To Read Before The Spring Season Hits The Real Estate Market. Prepare To Sell Your Home

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

It’s Time To Get Your Home Ready For The Spring Season! 6 Tips To Take In Consideration.

Are you ready for summer? Many people say YES; but let’s prepare for Spring Season first! If you are Home Owner and you are thinking about putting your home on the market, these 5 tips may help you organize your ideas on what to do that could help sell your home faster in a competitive Real Estate market.  Now, if your home is already on the market, these 5 tips will help you refresh your ideas and be ready for this changing Real Estate Market once the cold is gone and the sun and colors start shining!


You may be familiar with the statistical reports of Spring Season and The Real Estate Market being one of the beginnings of an explosion of showings and home buyers looking for a home to own.  For that reason you must be prepared to compete with other home owners as part of your Real Estate Market. This is the season when your home must show STRONGER and appealing to those home buyers searching under your home criteria.

Tip 1/Step 1: Let’s Meet Your REALTOR®

The Brooks Family Of Realtors Has Been Serving All Over The Tennessee Valley Since 1972!

The Brooks Family Of Realtors Has Been Serving All Over The Tennessee Valley Since 1972!

Finding the right Realtor matters, Busy Real Estate Agents get busier during the spring season. You must consider those Real Estate Agents that you think will help you sell your home and that their knowledge will help you during this selling journey. Reach out to those professionals in the Real Estate Industry that you know can help. Once you choose the Real Estate Agent, you will need to start planning your TO DO list and as we always say, work “AS A TEAM” to sell your home!. Your Real Estate Agent will provide the skills, knowledge and technology with different strategies to sell your home, on your side if your home is occupied, you will hear from Your Realtor or any other Real Estate Agent the feedbacks or opinions about your home, from those potential buyers that will be visiting your home.  Feedback on your home will always help re-evaluate the sale of your home.

Tip #2/ Step #2: Plan Ahead.

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, upsizing your family, retiring, or just moving closer to your loved ones, you must remember what your plan of action is once your home is sold. Your personal situation will be different to the buyers. You will need to know what is next in your moving chapter. Buying a new home? Moving to another State or Country? What if your home sells faster than the new home you are building? Is renting a possibility if your home sells faster than expected? Are your financial numbers clear? Sometimes is good to do the math in different scenarios that could happen. Planning ahead saves you a headache!

Tip 3/ Step 3 

Check your Financial Status

It is always wise to discuss your financial possibilities with your local Lender if you need financing.  Every Seller has a different scenario at the moment of closing and buying a new home.  Talking before hand and knowing your numbers before selling your home will help you have a clear understanding of your profit after you sale your home and give you an idea of how much you will need to buy your next home if that is your case.

Tip # 4/ Step# 4: Consider Having a Pre-Walk Through or Inspection. Think as a Home Buyer.

One of the major contingencies homes start with is the home inspection. For that reason it would be wise to walk around your home with your Realtor and number those items that both of you see need to be addressed/ fixed before a potential home buyer walks into your home.  Most of the times a cosmetic change in the look of your home such as a fresh coat of paint, new lighting fixtures, de-cluttering spaces by moving furniture can help.

A pre Inspection could be one of those options to think about. Your Professional Real Estate Agent may recommend a pre-home inspection by a professional Home Inspector in your area for major issues such as structural, roofing damage, likings, plumbing, electrical or similar. This pre-home inspection will help you know the amount of work or money needed to be invested in your home.

Remember most of the home buyers walk into your home to make it their own, if you can avoid scaring your home buyers prior to the time of listing your home, that will be your advantage in your current market.

Tip #5/ Step #5:

Know Your Local Spring Real Estate Market

Every State and City is different. The same happens with The Real Estate Market each season. That’s why it is important to research your area, reach out to your Real Estate Agent and ask about the comparables in your Neighborhood, and even asks about the Real Estate Market in your city and when is the best time to list your home.  Spring is not an exception and you need to be ready with your home, price it right and sell it quick!

The time you choose the date to list your home for sale is critical in the spring market. If you wait too long, it’s possible you can miss that prime selling time frame. Sometimes, hitting the pre-spring market when listing your home could be good for certain areas in your city and for certain Real Estate Markets. That could be beneficial in different circumstances.

Tip #6/ Step #6: 

Refreshing The Look Of Your Home By De-cluttering, Cleaning, Organizing & Staging

 For those proactive Home Owners this may not be hard to do. Selling your home should give you the motivation to be on top of your competition while your home is listed.  One suggestion you may already know, but as important to remember when putting your home on the market, is to start cleaning, refreshing the look of your home, moving furniture around, de-cluttering those areas that have a little too much before the eyes of those future visitors you want to fall in love with your home.


A clean look of your home will make a BIG difference and in some cases even Home Owners start to feel more motivated to sell their home when they see it with a different look. The smell of your home is as important as the look of it! Pet odors, smoke odors, mold, or similar will scare buyers away.  You want to attract potential home buyers to make an offer on your home. The first impression is very important.

Here are just a few things to make sure you clean before listing your home:

  • Wash your front and back doors
  • Wash your windows
  • Sweep and clean your porch area
  • Dust your blinds
  • Paint your walls or  touch up areas that need it
  • Dust baseboard trims
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean shower(s) & toilet(s)
  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Work on your landscaping and plant new flowers
  • Wash your curtains or change them if necessary

Remember, your home will be for sale. So, let’s start packing all those personal items, and extras you may not need. The fresh look of your home will make a big difference. By doing this your probability of having second showings by the same buyers or even selling your home before your competition can increase! Clean spaces always look better. The less the better in many households!

Have you look at your local builders products? Such as the model homes? What about staging your home as you imagine it would look more appealing? If you love the look of model homes, then you can start working on those areas in your home that have so much potential to look like one!


Spring is almost here! Let’s start with the pre-listing to do list. These few tips can help you prepare before the Market Heats Up. All this preparation on the sale of your home makes a big difference once your home is listed and ready to sell. You will have less work to do and probably less showing feedbacks asking you to change/do some of the things these tips mentioned. This will save you some time by being proactive.



Posted on March 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm by John Wesley Brooks & The Brooks Family Of Realtors

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